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We are very pleased to introduce to you the Olive Wood Art from the Holy Land. This collection is brought to you directly from Bethlehem; from the artists and the many Christian families who make them and benefit from their distribution. Proceeds support their livelihood and their continued presence in the place of birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This collection contains the best religious items from the Holy Land. Many of the carved items are hand carved from one single piece of wood. The olivewood is known for being so hard, and contains the most beautiful grains and natural colors. We provide the lowest prices because we have no intermediaries and merchants in between and all items are directly brought from the artists carving them. We strive to cut down costs, so we can beat any price with lower price and better quality.   

The carving wood comes from Olive trees of the Holy Land that are over 300 years old, which have a unique beauty and quality that is not found in other wood. The tradition of Olivewood carving in the Holy Land has been handed down from father to son since the 12th century. Originally introduced by the Crusaders, the craft has been perfected by centuries of local master carvers.

These designs are brought to you by the workmanship of over 200 families that constitutes a major sector of the Christian Community in Bethlehem area. The Olive tree is chosen for more than its appearance. It has a history of religious significance with many references in the Holy Bible. Proverbs refer to the olive and its reputed power as "tree of life to them that grasp it and to them that would uphold it, everyone is rendered happy." In addition, Olivewood was used to make the cross of Jesus Christ. Afterwards, God promised that the Olive Trees would be a symbol of peace and beauty for the world.

May God bless you.

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